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Constantin Schlachter (b. 1992, France) is an artist based in Paris who works mainly with photography. Nature, invisible and matter are dominant entities in Schlachter’s work. Using them, he creates sensorial fictions while examining reminiscence, mental landscapes and a spiritual return to Nature. In his approach all notions of realism are voided, and are replaced with abnormal colours, subjects and textures. He works in an instinctive way, constituting a continuous stream of pictures, in which projects punctuate that flow by crystallising his evolving feelings.


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+ 33 6 13 98 64 71


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2016          Planet B -Ideas for a New World (Catalog)

Die Nacht, Issue #18

Der Greif, Issue #9

OFF the Wall, Issue #10


2015         FOAM Talent 2015, Issue #42

Blow Photo, Issue # 12 «Monochrome»

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2016           PLANET B – Ideas for a New World, NRW-Forum, Dusseldörf, Germany

FOAM Talent, Beaconsfield Gallery, London, England

FOAM Talent, De Markten, Brussels, Belgium

ShowOFF 2016, Foundation for Visual Arts, Krakow, Poland


2015          FOAM Talent, Atelier Néerlandais, Paris, France

FOAM Talent, part of the Unseen Festival, Amsterdam, Netherland


2014         Fetart School Factory, Galerie 59 Rivoli, Paris, France



Honors and awards

2016        Shortlisted at Breadfield Dummy Award 2016, Landskrona, Sweden


2015         Shortlisted at Fiebre Photobook Dummy Award 2015, Madrid, Spain

Shortlisted at Le Photobook Fest 2015, Paris, France

Shortlisted at Unseen Dummy Award 2015, Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

Shortlisted for the Hariban Award ‘15, Kyoto, Japon

Selected FOAM Talent 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands